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the double-sided handouts

for attentive and intimate couple massages with 💥boom effects💥

would you like to try out how it works in a relaxed atmosphere at home?

would you like to determine the pace at which you go from one exercise to the next?

possibly you also like to be remembered as particularly dexterous on your next date?

or bring you into ecstasy with new touches and grips in your self-love session?


prices for the individual handouts:

15 € * per topic or for all together: 60 € *

(I can count the price for the handout against the workshop booked later)


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Squirting, but how?

the stimulation of the G-surface (because G-"spot" is nonsense!) plays the main role on the way to squirting. The instructions for a massage of the G-surface are part of this handout. you learn how to induce and allow squirting. In addition, the handout gives you an insight into the anatomical basics and explains how you can optimally prepare for your squirting experience and what it can do to you emotionally.


How to: scratch your chest
with the described sequence of 14 possible chest touches (+ variations) you can make your counterpart shake. the sensitivity of the breast is increased and the blood circulation promoted. from gentle to not quite so gentle, you can adapt each of the touches individually to the needs of your counterpart. the best: the touch unfolds its effect on men, too.


How to: rub the cat

you will get to know the vulva indulging program with 16 touches (+ variations) - without penetration of the vagina. the focus of this massage is on the vulva. it is massaged, stroked, pressed, tapped. the massage can be exciting, relaxing, arousing or grounding - an orgasm may not be, but it can.


How to: stretch the cucumber
whether erect or not is irrelevant for these 16 touches (+ variations). the penis is massaged, caressed, rolled, pressed, and tumbled. The massage enables you to walk far away from familiar paths and try out new things. relaxation or excitement can result - both are equally welcome.


How to: love your ass
do you perceive your anus as a pleasurable element of your body? or is he more embarrassed? With these 15 touches (+ variations) you will automatically draw your little star on the map of your erogenous zones. you will get to know and love him all over again.

You think about questions like: How do I organize a session? What should I think about beforehand? How do I make an intimate massage a good experience? How do I behave during this, what do I pay attention to with my counterpart? Which utensils do I have ready? Which touch is best suited to even start such an encounter? You will receive these cross-leaflet instructions as a supplement to every order.


*the prices are exempt from sales tax in accordance with §19 UstG.1980 and are therefore stated including sales tax.